Interesting History of Letcher County Kentucky

Created by admin on 25 Aug 2011

There are a few historic attractions that are located in Letcher County, Kentucky. The first attraction is the Indian Bottom Church. The Indian Bottom Church was established in 1810 and was still in use until 1974. It is known for being the first church that was ever built in Letcher County. The first minister of the church was Elder Thompson. And then the deacons of the church were known as Heralds of the Cross. They were chosen because they were earnest men that were called to preach. In 1815, it was recorded that they had 70 members of the church.

The second attraction is Pound Gap. Pound Gap was the path that the Kentucky people would take that is between the mountains of Virginia and Kentucky. The path was believed to be discovered by Christopher Gist. This path is how Daniel Boone entered into Kentucky. It is located at the bottom of Pine Mountain Thrust on U.S. Highway 23. It is known as one of the most remarkable exposures of rock in the entire eastern United States. It was formed at the same time as the Appalachian Mountains. It was first geographic formation to happen in Kentucky.

The third attraction is the David A. Zegeer Coal-Railroad Museum. The David A. Zegeer Coal-Railroad Museum is located in Jenkins, Kentucky. It is a train station that was opened up in 1911. It was recently restored to look like the regular 1911 train station. The museum has a collection of photographs from the local mining, the tools that were used by the railroad workers, and some of the money that was used in the local stores. All of the exhibitions that are in the museum have something to do with the history of the town and its Consolidation Coal Company.

These are the top attractions in Letcher County, Kentucky.

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