Fishing Holes in Letcher And Surrounding Areas

Created by admin on 21 Nov 2011

Kentucky is know for all of their fishing hotspots and if you are new to area, then there is a lot for you to learn. There are many places where you can hang out and fish, while enjoying some of the most beautiful surroundings. Lets take a look at some of the most popular fishing holes in Letcher County and the surrounding areas, so you can get a feel for what Kentucky has to offer.

The first thing to note is that it’s important for you to get permission to fish in these areas due to regulations and rules. Normally there will be a limit on the amount of fish you are catch in one day. All rules vary from place to place so be sure to become well informed before you start your fishing journey.

Fishpond Lake is one of Letcher’s fishing hotspots that is 37.1615 in Latitude and -82.6765 in Longitude. The elevation is around 1522 ft and offers a great amount of bass fish.
Before you are to fish in Fishpond lake you are required to see resources and local guides.

Another fishing hole in Letcher Kentucky is Lake Tom which can be found on the Tilford topo map. It’s considered to be more of a reservoir and offers a beautiful settings. Just like any other fishing hole in Kentucky you are urged to contact the local guides before fishing.

If you are an angler who isn’t satisfied with just these two, lets take a look at a few more popular holes to fish in Kentucky. Stepping outside of Letcher, lets take a look at Greenville. Greenville is another fishing hole hotspot located in Kentucky. Lake Luzerne is around 55 acres in water and offers a large amount of bass, largemouth fishes, as well as Bluegill and Catfish. If you are interested in catching crappie you will definitely find these fish there as well.

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