Cuisine of Letcher And Surrounding Areas

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Dining in the Bluegrass state offers variety and a feast with absolute flare. Aside from being known for bourbon and horse racing, Kentucky has its own specialty in southern cuisine. Many dishes are cooked with bourbon, and meals really have a down home feel to them.

If you really want authentic, then no trip through Kentucky is complete without sampling some Burgoo and if old enough a Mint Julep. You say you do not know what Burgoo is?? That is okay, it is a fancy word for Kentucky stew. It can be made with just about any type of meat, but usually has venison, duck, raccoon or squirrel. If that sounds a little to gamey, contemporary Burgoo is made with beef, pork, lamb or chicken.

Add to that a mixture of peas, beans, and okra – not to mention anything else that seems appropriate in stew – and you have yourself a traditional Kentucky meal. While traveling through Letcher County, Kentucky be sure to take in all the fine dining experiences available and enjoy the culinary treats. For every meal of the day and including drinks and desserts there are many temptations to tantalize the taste buds.

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