Coal Mining: A Way Of Life In Kentucky

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There are few occupations that stir images of the hard working American more than that of a coal miner. While coal mines are found in several different locations around the country, one of the prime areas for this industry is the state of Kentucky. Coal mining has been a way of life for generations of people in Kentucky and it continues today. While coal mining jobs are considered one of the more dangerous jobs a person can have, in the past, it was even more risky. Work was always dangerous in the coal mines of Kentucky. Neglectful mine owners ignored the safety of their miners in order to pull more coal out of the ground. With archaic equipment, the work was hard and the pay was minimal. In addition, with the health risk of coal mining, most notably Black Lungs, few miners back in the early years of mining ever had the chance to see retirement.

Today, the industry has changed considerably. While this job is still considered extremely dangerous, the average age of a coal miner is 45. The average pay for a coal miner in Kentucky is over 700.00 per week. While improved ventilation and protective gear has lowered the rate of miners contracting Black Lung disease, it is estimated that over 400 miners each year die from this occupational disease.

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