Most Notable Residents Of Harlan County

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Harlan County Kentucky. Home to many residents but most of them aren’t notable or famous. The NBA has hosted a few of the more notable residents such as Bernie Bickerstaff who is the current assistant coach to the Chicago Bulls and is a former head coach in such places as Seattle, Denver and Washington Wah Wah Jones in another NBA alumni that called Harlan County home.
Music is another collector of Harlan County residents such as Nick Lachey of 98 Degrees and ex-husband to Jessica Simpson. Florence Reece, who wrote the union anthem “Which Side Are You On?” which was recently covered by Natalie Merchant, and Jerry Chestnut, an inductee of the Nashville songwriter hall of fame.
Writers are another product of Harlan County. Such notable writers include Rebecca Caudill, who is Newberry honoree, Maxine Cheshire, a journalist for not only the Knoxville News Sentinel but also more famous news venues such as Time magazine and The Washington Post, and George Ella Lyon, noted poet and author of over 30 book for both adults and children.
Harlan County Kentucky has many residents, both famous and not so famous but all love their home and wear their background with great pride.

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