Notable Films Made In Harlan County

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Notable films made in Harlan county, Ky include 2 of the most moving films I have ever seen. One of which being a documentary called “Harlan County USA”. This film depicts the lives of coal miners and their families in a way that no one else would understand. This documentary took me deep in to the long strike in 1973 at Brookside Mine. Probably one of the most violent strikes to take place over what any American worker wants – Job Security! Over worked employees, doing an amazingly dangerous job, risking there lives and health and all they ask in return is a union? I found how these people were treated highly disturbing. I saw workers with black lung disease, men being shot at just for picketing, people being spit on just for wanting decent wages and fair working conditions. This documentary was also followed by another eye-opener, also titled, “Harlan County USA” was another great example of just how horrible this whole situation really was. I sat through both and found myself utterly horrified that things like this can happen. I think both of these films are worthy of sitting and watching and would gladly watch them both again.

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