Shopping in Letcher And Surrounding Area

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Shopping in Letcher and Surrounding Areas

Beautiful Letcher County and its surrounding areas are replete with not only historical points of interest but plenty of charming eateries, cozy lodging venues and even shopping indulgences. Some of Letcher’s more popular shops and galleries stretch from the picturesque curves of Highway 806 in Eolia to the scenic Main Street of Whitesburg, and these include Valley of the Winds Galleries, Underground Gallery, Oven Fork Mercantile, Pine Mountain Craft Co-op, Cozy Corner and Gwen’s Antiques.Didn’t catch

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Four Ways to Keep Your Letcher Home Comfy

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Letcher County is one of the best places to live in Kentucky. Its down-home serenity, diversity and accessibility make it an enviable destination for any family. Whether you’re thinking about a move or already live in the area, here’s what you can to do to make your Letcher home the most comfortable it can be:

1. Get acquainted with your neighbors. Kentucky residents are no strangers to southern hospitality – take advantage of the friendly faces you’ll find in every corner of Letcher. Building a sense of community is hugely important to fortifying your peace of mind.

2. Purchase a home security system from a website like While Letcher is by no means a county defined by crime, you can never be too safe. Plus, at the very least, home security systems are a great way to keep tabs on the kids while you’re out for a night on the town – many systems have the ability to track the opening and closing of your house’s entryways.

3. Buy some fans. It’s no secret: it gets hot in Letcher. Make sure your home is well-equipped to handle the summers by buying some fans and placing them around the house. You’ll be far more comfortable once it starts getting into the dog days of July and August.

4. Pick the right town. There’s so much available to the people of Letcher County – it’s important to pick a town that vibes with your lifestyle and personality. If you’re looking for something a little livelier, you might want to try Whitesburg. If you’re on the hunt for something a little quieter and remote, take a look at some of the towns scattered around Pine Mountain. The comfort of your home is largely dependent on the town that surrounds it.

A Geological Wonder: Pound Gap Road Cut In Jenkins

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The Pound Gap Road Cut in Letcher County, Kentucky, has been named a “Distinguished Geologic Site” by the Kentucky Society of Professional Geologists. Pound Gap is a natural pass through the Pine Mountain Ridge formation and has been used by travelers since Colonial times. A roadway was constructed through the pass in the early 1900s but this earlier road was replaced by a more up-to-date highway in 1998 to facilitate the modern traffic volume that traverses the pass. The Pound Gap Road Cut was made through hundreds of feet of solid rock and is visible along U.Confused?

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Things to do in Letcher And The Surrounding Area

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Visitors will find plenty of things to do in Letcher County, Ky., and the surrounding area. Travelers who like spending time outdoors can hike in Bad Branch Falls State Nature Preserve and Kingdom Come State Park. The preserve has a waterfall and a hiking trail that goes along a mountain crest. Mountaintop overlooks in the state park provide stunning views of the Cumberland Plateau and Black Mountain. There is a fishing lake in the park. People can reach the

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Cuisine of Letcher And Surrounding Areas

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Dining in the Bluegrass state offers variety and a feast with absolute flare. Aside from being known for bourbon and horse racing, Kentucky has its own specialty in southern cuisine. Many dishes are cooked with bourbon, and meals really have a down home feel to them.

If you really want authentic, then no trip through Kentucky is complete without sampling some Burgoo and if old enough a Mint Julep. You say you do not know what Burgoo is?? That is okay, it is a fancy word for

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Complete History Of Kentucky Coal Mining

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The history of Kentucky coal mining appears to have evolved following the discovery of coal in Virginia around 1701 by Thomas Walker, a physician, who experimented with these ‘black rocks’ in seeking ways to use them other than in the production of horseshoes. Under the auspices of the Loyal Land Company formed around 1750, Dr. Walker went to Kentucky in search of coal.

The first commercial mine is believed to have opened around 1820 with the production reaching 2,000 tons by 1830 ultimately increasing to 1 million tons by 1879. The growth of coal mining in Kentucky continued with supply efforts being increased by demand for its use during World War I resulting in over 20 million tons extracted. World War II demand raised this figure to approximately 72.4 million tons.

A member of Kentucky’s McLean family found coal in a farm field around 1913. Even though coal was harder to acquire than wood, in 1943 this family opened the ‘McLean drift bank’ which generated a plethora of competitive mining operations. Had it not been for the formation of Kentucky Coal Association in 1947, Kentucky might not have become the number one coal-producing state in the United States in 1972.

Coal Mining: A Way Of Life In Kentucky

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There are few occupations that stir images of the hard working American more than that of a coal miner. While coal mines are found in several different locations around the country, one of the prime areas for this industry is the state of Kentucky. Coal mining has been a way of life for generations of people in Kentucky and it continues today. While coal mining jobs are considered one of the more dangerous jobs a person can have, in the past, it was even more risky.

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Annual Kentucky Black Bear Festival In Downtown Cumberland

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The Annual Kentucky Black Bear Festival is not only for bear watchers or people who love wildlife. It is also a cultural event full of crafts, storytelling, dancing, and music. Most of the festival’s activities are located in Kingdom Come State Park, while other activities are held in Isaac Memorial Park. People can visit the two venues to enjoy the cultural activities, and also, fishing, a car and truck show, archery, rides, educational exhibits, and delicious food.

Lovers of regional crafts will love the exhibits of local artist and craftsman. Vendors setup displays of traditional mountain artistry made of

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In and Around Letcher County

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You’re missing out if you’ve never been to the foothills of Kentucky and near Letcher County is the best place to try first. There are great restaurants and attractions here for outdoor fans of all ages so get a security system, pack everyone in the car and get out there!
Historic Downtown Whitesburg: It’s on the National Register of Historic Places and it makes for such a quaint day trip. Grab some ice

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Most Notable Residents Of Harlan County

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Harlan County Kentucky. Home to many residents but most of them aren’t notable or famous. The NBA has hosted a few of the more notable residents such as Bernie Bickerstaff who is the current assistant coach to the Chicago Bulls and is a former head coach in such places as Seattle, Denver and Washington Wah Wah Jones in another NBA alumni that called Harlan County home.
Music is another collector of Harlan County residents such

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